Sunday, August 22, 2010

Things change- faith and hard work

It's so easy to get caught up the plans we make for ourselves and forget that we aren't the ones in control of our lives.
The crazy thing is that after college you can do whatever you want, literally have all the freedom in the world. YOU choose whether you go to grad school, law school, or seminary. If you want to work right away at a desk job or take some time to travel. The choice is fully yours minus the social norms and expectations. I struggled with this because the boundaries of life are what kept me in check for most of my existence and the freedom scares me. It's like writing an essay to me, or even what it's like trying to pick a topic to right about for this blog, there are too many choices and I feel so easily overwhelmed.
I have been graduated since December and I've done my fair share of random jobs, always worrying about whether my next paycheck will cover my car payment or other bills. I've consumed myself with the worry of tomorrow and haven't learned how to live fully in today. But for some reason, I have to admit, it's always worked out. I have always had enough money to cover my payments and worrying isn't what got the money into my account. It was faith and hard work. So I believe that's what it takes... instead of worrying about what job I'm going to work or what career path I should take I am going to rely on my faith that I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be right now and I'm going to work hard in what I'm doing at the moment and trusting that it will lead me where I'm supposed to be.
You only know what road to start traveling on once you've started walking on it.