Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Makes all things new..

I am continuously amazed at the God that I follow. I am now a busy Mom os 3 amazing little boys, and at the doctor today I was talking to a fellow Mommy about how becoming a Mom makes you feel like a different person. I have to admit it lead me through this thought process of who Christ is and what he has done for us.
It's been so long since I've written and there is a reason. It's because God has been AT WORK.. let me tell you, he's been doing some pretty AMAZING things that only he can do. I cannot claim to be in charge of or even have the ideas of the things that he's done. God has fulfilled a promise to me that he promises to everyone. As most of you know my situation my eldest son and split custody. At first people cringe when I tell them that and I probably would have as well not a long time ago. But Christ has made things new. Like the bible teaches us in 2 Corinthians 5:17. "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come; The old has gone, and the new is here!" God has made things new. He has reconciled relationships that were seemingly so far broken that they were beyond repair. He has broken down walls of hurt on both sides and infiltrated them with grace and forgiveness. He has brought light to a dark situation, and that light is so bright it's hard to even remember the darkness. That is the God that we worship. That is the God that I live my life for. One who makes us new. He promised that he would, he called to me and said "Laura, give this to me.. I will carry you… Give me your burdens and I will make things new"… let me tell you that as soon as I surrendered pride, bitterness, anger, all these feelings were very real and sometimes they were justified, sometimes they were not. But both sides of this custody scenario (I will no longer call it a battle) have had the same emotions and dealt with the same feelings and God has redeemed us all. for ALL have fallen short of the glory of God. Every single day every one of us does something that disappoints God, we make choices every second for the good of God or not. We all fail, that's what makes the cross so sweet. That Jesus died so that we may be reconciled back to God. That is exactly what he has done in our lives and it is so beautiful. It's so powerful it moves me because I cannot take credit, I can only give credit where credit it due. I am amazed.
I bet you are wondering how God has reconciled the relationships between Jacobs biological Dad and myself? It has been through conversations… slowly asking how ones day is, showing care, laying down pride, admitting wrong doings, asking for forgiveness… giving forgiveness. PRAYER, loving Jacob more than being bitter at the other person, seeking God in all things and trusting in God's plan, taking joy when there is a joyous occasion, showing gratitude, celebrating victories instead of competing for attention. It is all straight from God, and I am thankful that he has used me to create a ministry to others in my same scenario.
I am a new creation. I am not who I was and my past has no right to define my future. I want it to be known that I am going to take down all my old blog posts.. not because my feelings weren't real, because they absolutely were and writing was my way of expressing how I felt, but it is not constructive to keep them up here. I know my story and most importantly it's become God's story to be used for His kingdom, but I want to focus on the positive.
This blog will be dedicated to my life journey as a Mom of 3 boys and as a wife of a hard working man who dedicates his life to taking care of this family. I want to write about my perspective as a Mom and how because I've gotten a bit older and forgot my glasses downstairs I can hardly see the letters on this screen because they are all blurred together. Life is real, and I'm a person who is real and honest. This blog will be about my thoughts. It's not for anyone but me and I want to be able to look back on this and see my journey as a Mommy. I love what Christ has done for me in my life and I want this to be a ministry. I believe God can do amazing things and I hope whoever reads this can see Christ at work.
I am thankful for a God of reconciliation and who makes all things new, because I sure needed it.

Love, L