Monday, November 19, 2012

Moved into our new house!

I know, it's been a while since I've written but it doesn't mean I haven't been praying or haven't been thinking a lot about everything going on.
Let me start by saying I am beyond words in gratitude for this amazing house that God has provided. Jason and I had a rough couple of days moving, it honestly brings out the worst in people. It is a real life tangible example of how in marriage two people with two different ways of doing things come together to make things work. It's been great working through things with Jason and finding joy in working together.
Our house is still completely in boxes and there isn't one room that is fully done except the kitchen and the bathrooms because my amazing Mom and sister came down from orange county to help me out! They worked so hard all day and had a huge helping hand in making this place feel like home.
Today is the first day that I've actually sat down and not worked for over 15 hours straight moving and unpacking boxes. My body is hurting so bad, I know Jason is exhausted too. We are working hard to get the house ready for when we get Jacob back on Wednesday. I'm so ready to show him his new room and the play areas we have set up for him! This place is really starting to feel like home. But I don't feel like an adult to be honest, I don't feel like we own a house... I sometimes still feel like that free spirit I was in college, doing whatever I wanted to do and not having any real responsibilities. But what a beautiful place to come from and to now be. I am so thankful that God has provided a beyond amazing husband, a beautiful 1 year old and a growing baby on the way. I am thankful for this house and how comfortable I already am in it and I am also thankful for our doggies who have done so well in the transition! Here's to home making... :)

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