Friday, November 23, 2012


I mentioned in the last post how every time we are thankful for something it doesn't allow Satan into that area of our lives.
I've truly loved seeing everyone's Facebook updates with November being a month of thankfulness. It brings me joy when people focus on the positive in their lives and not the negative.
I am thankful for an area that I also struggle in. How much my husband works.
I am incredibly thankful for his hard working heart and the weight of responsibility he has taken on to take care of this family. How much he works so that I am able to stay home with the kids. I am thankful  so his spirit of providing.
It has been hard though with his job and how he works during the holidays because obviously he makes more money, it's hard because he is missing time with Jacob and I and he is going to miss time with us as a family in general because of how much he works. I am realizing though that the holiday does not have to be celebrated on that specific day, that any time with family and friends is what God calls us to celebrate. He calls us to celebrate relationships and community, friendship and family. Any time that I am able to do that with Jason than I must be thankful for that, not being bitter about the times that we didn't get together.. but in a spirit of thankfulness to appreciate the moments that we do have with him and to watch the joy that flows from Jacob every time Jason is around. I am thankful for the moments when we are all together, I am thankful for laughter and joy because I have felt it so much today. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving as well :)

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